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Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling Appointments - Appointments can be scheduled by calling the office at 905-637-8833 or in person.  When booking an appointment, please inform the staff of your concern, as this allows us to allot enough time to discuss your medical concerns.  Generally, visits with the physician are 15 minutes in length.  Longer appointments are reserved for meet and greets, counseling, periodic health exams, and select complicated medical issues.  We ask that you try to arrive on time for your appointments.  If you are seeing us for a Periodic Health Examination (a "Physical" exam), please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time.  


Confirmation of Appointment Times - Unfortunately, we are unable to call patients to confirm appointment times.  


Walk-in Appointments - Unfortunately, due to the busy nature of today's typical family medicine practice, we do require patients to book in for an appointment to see their doctor and we will be unable to see patients who walk-in without a scheduled appointment.  An appointment can be booked either by telephone or in person.  We do our best to see patients in a timely manner.


Cancellation Policy - If you are unable to make your appointment, please call to cancel as soon as possible so that we may open the appointment to other patients.  We require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment.  If you miss more than one appointment without informing us you will be changed between $30 - 60 depending on the type of appointment missed.


Late Policy - If you are going to be late to your appointment, please call to let us know.  We will do our best to accommodate you, but be aware that you may have to rebook depending on the circumstances of the day.  If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we will kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment for another time.  If you are late more than once without providing us with any notification, you will unfortunately be asked to pay between $30 - 60 to cover the expenses incurred by your absence.


Medical Concerns per Visit - To thoroughly assess your medical concerns and to avoid long waits for all patients, please be prepared to discuss your main concern for seeing your physician.  Depending on the number and type of medical concerns you have, further issues may require more time, and will need more than one appointment to fully evaluate.


Prescription Renewals -  Most prescription renewals require an office visit to reassess the condition requiring the prescription.  This is to protect you by ensuring the medication is still safe and appropriate for your condition.  Many physician offices no longer accept prescription renewals by phone or fax because these requests require a lot of administrative and physician time to review patient charts and this time is not covered by OHIP.  If you do not wish to schedule an appointment to review your medications (and we feel it is safe to renew your prescription by phone or fax), you will be charged a fee for this renewal.  Prior to receiving your renewal, you will need to call into the office and pay over the phone with a credit card number.  Please plan accordingly and do not request prescription renewals at times that you will note be able to reach the office by phone.  Patients who have paid the annual Block Fee will be covered for this service.  No new prescription will ever be given without an appointment in person.


Medical Information - We will operate our clinic on a "no news is good news" basis.  Patients will be informed if there is a concern or requirement for follow-up regarding their medical reports.  If investigations or reports are returned to us as "normal" or negative, patients will not receive a phone call.


Injections - Please be advised that to receive an injection such as an allergy shot, vitamin B12, testosterone, or vaccination, you will need to book an appointment time.  The nurse in clinic will offer appointment times throughout each day, and by booking an appointment with the nurse, wait times will be kept to a minimum.  We also require that patients wait for 10 - 30 minutes following injections to monitor for any untoward reaction (time determined based on medical need).


Medical Emergencies -  Please do not hesitate to visit the Emergency Department if you have a serious medical emergency.  Our clinic is not equipped to handle medical emergencies.

Confirmation of Appointment Times
Walk-in Appointments
Cancellation Policy
Late Policy
Prescription Renewals
Medical Concerns per Visit
Medical Information
Medical Emergencies
Walk-in Clinic Policy
OHIP Cards
Zero Tolerance Policy

Walk-in Clinic Policy - Please be advised that your physicians are practicing medicine in a team-based model called a Family Health Organization (FHO).  The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care sees FHOs as a cost effective way to provide quality health care in Ontario.  In order for FHOs to work, patients must commit to receiving their health care from a physician in the FHO and not from other family physicians.  Walk-in clinic doctors are family doctors who typically do not have a family practice.  Please do not access medical care from physicians at walk-in clinics unless there is an urgent need and we are not in our office.  We have provided many early morning, after hours, and same day appointments to give you fast access to care.  Walk-in clinics rarely send health information to your physician after a visit, which can lead to a duplication of services, confusion about treatment and test results, and a negative health experience for you as the patient.  Further, the Ministry deducts our fees for visits patients make to family physicians outside of our FHO.


OHIP (Health) Cards - A valid OHIP card must be presented at each visit to receive medical care.  Red and white health cards are no longer valid and will unfortunately not be accepted.  If you still have a red and white health care, the ministry should have notified you of the need to obtain a new health card.  If they have not, please visit Service Ontario to obtain your new health card, at no cost to you. If an expired OHIP card is presented to our clinic, the patient will be billed directly for their medical care prior to their appointment.  This payment is non-refundable.


Zero Tolerance Policy - We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior towards our staff. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding verbal abuse, or any displays of aggression. Any patients violating the above will immediately and permanently be asked to leave the Clinic and we will be unable to provide medical services in the future.

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